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Leasing und Factoring; Auslandsgeschäfte

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In a global economy, supranational and international legislation has an innovative impact on banking. This also applies to legal institutions that, like leasing or factoring, were developed in other legal circles. With a wide range of expertise, the authors describe the integration of these developments into German private law, emphasizing the references to tax and insolvency law. In addition, central Union legal structures are outlined that aim at a stable, abuse-free EU capital market, the question of the choice of law for international banking transactions is discussed and banking transactions with a foreign connection are discussed from the perspective of German law. This work serves to train specialist lawyers at the Hagen Law School. It is part of a proven series which is not only aimed at experts, but also at readers with legal training and a particular practice-oriented interest. Topics and texts are designed according to the requirements of the FAO and come from experienced practitioners and legal scholars. All Hagen Law School publications are subject to a peer review system. Table of Contents

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Leasing und Factoring; Auslandsgeschäfte

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